Many people shell out cash to learn about property investment. Why would you do that when you can train with Rocket at no cost to you, and save money for your deposit? We believe in creating a community of knowledgeable investors, and so have developed a simple training program to assist you to learn all the basics of successful property investment.

Our learning program is the foundation of our workshops, webinars and videos and is based on our founder Ian Hosking Richards book '90 Minutes to Property Success'.

Our learning program consists of five modules:
  • Module 1: Why property investment?
    The key principles and strategies for cash-flow positive, low-risk, set and forget investing
  • Module 2: How do I use leverage to build a property portfolio?
    Getting started and the importance of structuring loans for growing your portfolio.
  • Module 3: Where and when do I buy?
    Understanding property markets and property cycles to maximise capital growth.
  • Module 4: What type of property to buy?
    New vs. old property, buy and hold vs. buy and sell, and develop vs. renovate
  • Module 5: How does cash flow work?
    Learn the basics that will transform how you assess a property for cash-flow positive benefits.

The course has been designed with each module delivered to you by via email and at timed intervals. This helps prevent information overload, and also allows our advisors to work closely with you to ensure you’re benefiting from the course as much as possible.

And, as with all Rocket services, this training program comes at no cost to you. To receive your first module, just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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1: Why Property Investment?

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The Rocket strategy will help you achieve your financial goals through property with a strategy that is low-risk, easy to understand and virtually stress-free.