Advice and Mentoring

Ready for success? We’ve got the winning formula for you! Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor, Rocket Property Group can support you with a proven investment strategy for creating a secure and comfortable future.

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Learn from experienced investors all the fundamentals of how to invest in property. You’ll gain the understanding and confidence you need to buy the right property, at the right time, and with the best strategy to reach your goals sooner.

We believe it’s valuable for you to gain knowledge while you progress through your journey of property investment. So, you’re invited to take advance of our Training Program – at no cost to you. Through education modules, workshops, videos and blogs, you'll have access to the best in property investment education. 

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Portfolio Management

Many property investors get stuck at two or three properties and fail to progress up the property ladder. If you really want financial freedom, you’ll need more. Buying just one or two properties is not going to cut it. Multiple high-quality properties will generate the cashflow you need for your security, future, retirement and the lifestyle you’re planning.

Rocket Property has the experience and expertise to help you build a successful property portfolio and manage it in the long-term to ensure you reach your financial goals.

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Home Loans

Work with a lender who is focused on helping property investors. We specialise in investment lending and aren’t distracted by other borrowers. We’re all about helping you succeed with property investing. We won’t sell you insurance or refer you to a financial planner. But we’ve got access to the products and providers best-suited for your property investment plan.


Fee-free services = more money for you to invest

With Rocket Property Group, you won’t pay any fees to join us, buy property or take advantage of our great mentoring services. And it’s no charge at all to receive mentoring and investment advice from our expert and experienced Property Advisors.

No fees mean that you can keep your money for a deposit on a property. That’s how we like it.

The way we make our income is through the normal real estate commissions on the sale of property by vendors. And we stand by these properties. Our team is made up of passionate investors and we buy in the same locations we recommend.

How ready are you to invest?

Don't guess. Let us help you to know. You may be more ready than you think!

Our role is to give investors the benefit of our combined experience, research and knowledge so you can get started sooner.

What makes a real property investor is that they take action and buy a property so they can reach their goals. Potential property investors can get lost on the internet, spend too much time and money on reading and seminars, and make emotional decisions. They either never start investing or end up buying a lemon.

If your goal is to achieve financial independence through property, let the experts assess how ready you are to invest so we can help you on your road to success.

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Rocket's founder and CEO, Ian Hosking Richards, has been so successful at property investment that he has a property portfolio worth over $15 million, and started his own property investment company to share his knowledge with others.

Ian's written a book that will get you up to speed with what you need to know about property investment - in as little as one hour!

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