What is rentvesting and can it work for you?

By Rocket Property Group on 14\07\2017


Simply, 'rentvesting' is renting and investing in property at the same time. This month master investor Ian Hosking Richards looks out we can have our cake and eat it too. With spiraling house prices in the east coast capitals, it could make sense to take advantage of low rental yields and live in someone else’s property, whilst simultaneously investing in properties with higher yields and much greater tax efficiencies.

Let’s face it, buying property always seem...

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3 Myths of Property Investing you need to let go of

By Rocket Property Group on 09\06\2017

In last month’s column, Ian Hosking Richards wrote about the rise of technology and how it is changing the way that investors access information, and how these changes do not necessarily lead to better decision-making. This month he continues this theme by exploring some of the common assumptions that many beginner investors hold that run counter to his own experienc...

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When the internet is not your friend in investing

By Rocket Property Group on 11\05\2017

Using technology when investing

With the ever-expanding number of property apps for smartphones and other internet based research tools at our fingertips, making good investment decisions should, in theory, be much easier for the tech savvy investor. In this month's advice column, Ian Hosking Richards, looks at how technology and the internet is not always on our side.

The wonderful wide web

Over the past few...
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What makes Ian a successful investor

By Rocket Property Group on 06\04\2017

Ian Hosking Richards

Just under 15 years ago Ian Hosking Richards was working as an unskilled labourer in a warehouse in Artarmon, Sydney, on an annual salary of $35,000. Now he sits on a $20m property portfolio with 50 properties. He doesn't believe he's done anything unique or anything cannot be replicated - in fact he's willing to share the strategy with people. And yet, very few people will achieve this same success.  What makes him different? Wh...

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Why Geelong is the next hotspot?

By Lindy Lear on 29\03\2017

The number one question Lindy Lear is asked by investors is “Where should I buy?”. It’s a question often seen on property websites, Facebook threads, and online forums. The answers given are as varied and diverse as there are areas to invest in Australia. Here Lindy shares with us how she and Ian identify the next best spots and why Geelong is their pick.

The Noise

Everyone has a...
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What's your seatbelt for the property roller coaster?

By Lindy Lear on 09\03\2017

Investing can seem like a roller coaster ride as property markets go up and down, and around the country. This month, we look at strategies to ride out the highs and lows that may make the ride a little more comfortable for you. Find your seat belt and buckle up!

Investing is not a steady, single incline

As investors we would all love the perfect portfolio with properties increasing in value every year, rents rising regula...
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How to get funds after your second property (Part Two)

By Rocket Property Group on 07\03\2017

Get the funds for your third investment property
In Part One of 'How to get funds after your second property', Master investor and Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards and Investment Mortgage Broker Alan Dean explained how and why banks and lenders are turning investors back and how to get over...
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How to get funds after your second property (Part One)

By Rocket Property Group on 10\02\2017

So you're already on the property investment path with one or two tucked into your basket? Well done! However, are you now starting to struggle to get the "nod" from lenders? Master investor and Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards and Investment Mortgage Broker Alan Dean explains the how and why banks and lenders are turning you back. Ian and Alan explore this through case studies and show you how to get over this hurdle.
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The 6 must-have criteria for the right investment property

By Lindy Lear on 09\02\2017

What should be ticked off your checklist when it comes to the perfect investment property? Expert Lindy Lear in her article this month aims to make the process of property selection less emotionally based. Lindy whittles down the many reasons and criteria investors have to this finite shortlist of the fundamental assessment criteria. She believes before any other items, these 6 need to be absolutely checked-off.

1. Affordability

Know your budget first. This should be...
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Your investment goals are melting

By Lindy Lear on 02\01\2017

As every January rolls around, we all turn to make those resolutions and think of plans we'll make to take action on things that never eventuate. General Manager, Lindy Lear, turns and asks whether you'll be frozen with the same mindset as last year or will you look at your property investing goals with a fresh new set of sunglasses this January? Are you letting your stagnant investment goals melt away again?

Property investing is like eating ice-cre...

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