• 90 Minutes To Property Success (Paperback)

    90 Minutes To Property Success

    By Ian Hosking Richards



    August 2016 | 150 pages

    Learn the basic the fundamentals to help you take action and get started on your property investing journey in only ninety minutes.

    Rocket's founder and CEO, Ian Hosking Richards, has been so successful at property investment that he has a property portfolio worth over $17 million, and started his own property investment company to share his knowledge with others. Ian understands that most people are time poor, with work and family commitments, and don’t have time to read unnecessary information. With this in mind, he has written a book that will get you up-to-speed with what you need to know about property investment - in just over an hour!

    Easy to read and full of anecdotal advice from my 15 years in the industry, 90 minutes to Property Success is your go-to guide for property investment strategy. This book can teach you low-risk, low-stress investment strategies that will see you advance into a financially secure future. It also includes some straightforward investment advice for the investor ready to buy today. And really, if you want more than that, you’re just being greedy!