The 7 essential qualities of a successful property investor

By Rocket Property Group on 22\02\2016

successful property investor

What is it about some people that makes them successful in property investment? Is it luck, privilege or something else? Yes, luck has a large part to do with it, but I often find that the harder people work, the luckier they get. From the many property investors...

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13 ways to prevent your emotions ruining your property investments

By Pretty AU on 09\02\2016

property investment dream house

We are emotional creatures and while it is never a good idea to deny your basic instincts and emotional responses to situations, you need to also acknowledge that they may be affecting your ability to make good financial decisions.

Emotion and property investment are not mutually exclusive, a good amount of...

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When is it safe to stop researching your investment property?

By Pretty AU on 02\02\2016

It’s all too easy to get bogged down in research before investing in property. It is a major purchase and not doing proper research can lead to disaster, but the question is: when have you researched enough? At Rocket Property we have encountered both types of investors, the types to leap before they look...

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