Opportunity abounds in Queensland's Peregian Springs

By Rocket Property Group on 31\10\2018

A sprawling master-planned community located around 15 minutes from Noosa and 20 minutes from Maroochydore, Peregian Springs is a suburb on the rise.

Situated about an hour and 45 minutes' drive north of Brisbane in Queensland's southeast precinct, Peregian Springs is directly west of Peregian Beach, the beautiful coastal suburb with a distinctly European village vibe.

Ian Hosking Richards, CEO of Rocket Property Group, recently added a property in Peregian Springs...

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Tips for Finding the Right Builder

By Rocket Property Group on 30\10\2018

With changes to the negative gearing rules for depreciation claims on established properties, many investors see the benefits of building a new investment house in a new estate in a growth area as a great strategy.

Selecting the location

Looking for an area that meets investment criteria, is not as easy as going online and clicking "search". What I look for are affordable areas where people want to...

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A low risk approach to property investing

By Rocket Property Group on 29\10\2018

I must admit that during my earlier years of investing I did not take a lot of notice of what the top property commentators were saying, both for my own purchases or recommendations. However, over time I soon noticed that even the most respected property professionals occasionally got it wrong, particularly when it came to where to buy. Now with 100% hindsight, I can look back and compare what...

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How to balance risk with return

By Rocket Property Group on 22\10\2018

So, how can investors stay within their risk profile yet still use property as the main vehicle to create their future wealth?

The larger the population, the lower the risk

Large populations tend to have more employment and more diversity of employment. They will generate more infrastructure projects, which in turn drives employment. One feeds off the other. So it should come as no surprise that the two biggest population...

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The role of lenders in creating wealth for investors

By Rocket Property Group on 17\10\2018

Banks are in business and they need to lend money in order to make money. Equally, we as investors need to borrow money to make money. This should be a win win. However in recent times this does not always appear to be the case, and certain lenders appear to be putting more obstacles in the way of investors who are perfectly creditworthy. So why...

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Are mixed messages making it hard for you to make a decision?

By Rocket Property Group on 16\10\2018

As an astute property investor, I am constantly searching for new information that will keep me ahead of the investing game. Knowledge is king. However, it is vital to receive information in a contextualised format. Otherwise, all you get are sweeping generalisations that do not give you specific information you can use to make sound investment decisions.

The tabloids are probably the best at offering comment without qualification. They always...

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How will the budget changes affect the average property investor?

By Rocket Property Group on 15\10\2018

In the almost 20 years that I have been actively investing, the subject of negative gearing has been a hot topic. Yet, despite all the talk and blustering, little has actually changed. Until now. So should we be worried? The short answer is no. Why? Let me explain.

The main reason you buy a property is its potential for capital growth. You should never buy a property simply...

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Rentvesting: Could this be the right strategy for you?

By Rocket Property Group on 08\10\2018

Let's face it, buying property always seems expensive at the time. It only ever seems cheap 10 years after youve bought it. However, today it is probably as expensive as it has ever been, even taking into account historically low interest rates. And that is important because, for borrowers, what makes a property "expensive" is not necessarily the price but the monthly repayments.

In order to work out whether rentvesting...

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