Changes are coming to the investment lending environment

By Rocket Property Group on 26\11\2018

Are tough lending times easing?

Investors have been facing tough lending times in the last 12 to 24 months, mainly due to the banks' tighter lending criteria. Investment lending dropped with the APRA restrictions, and interest-only loans and 90% LVR loans had all but dried up, leaving investors frustrated or ready to give up their plans to buy an investment property.

Investors will, however, be pleased to hear...

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How to keep the investing dream alive

By Rocket Property Group on 19\11\2018

As a property advisor my role is to educate investors, help them choose their strategy and set up their plan to grow a portfolio to achieve their goals. Along the journey I help them assess their borrowing capacity, share reports and research, review suitable investment areas and properties so they can make an informed decision of where and what to buy. This takes time and commitment from all parties...

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5 step plan towards your passive income

By Rocket Property Group on 12\11\2018

1. Make a plan

My original 7 year plan was on butcher's paper. My goals were my motivation, my driver, my inspiration. What did I need to do to achieve these goals? I was very bold and set milestones and decided on achieving a portfolio of 9 properties in 7 years. I achieved my property goal in 3 years!

We now have portfolio growth modelling to...

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Is Australia still the lucky country?

By Rocket Property Group on 07\11\2018

Recently, as Chair of The Solomon Foundation, I attended a charity dinner with the charity's Patron, Lady Primrose Potter. We were guests of The Global Foundation, a think tank that aims to promote fairness, inclusivity and prosperity for the global common good.

Lady Potter and I were particularly pleased to be invited to attend, as the guest speaker and one of the expert panel was the current Governor of the Reserve Bank...

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Pallara: The surprising suburb ticking boxes

By Rocket Property Group on 05\11\2018

Media attention around Brisbane has recently focused on inner-city apartment oversupply, and investors may be avoiding the market for this reason.

"Brisbane's property market historically has always lagged behind the other eastern seaboard capitals. But Brisbane's median house price is now 50% below Sydney's, so is it Brisbane's time to shine? It certainly ticks the affordability box!" says Ian Hosking Richards, CEO of Rocket Property Group.

"The good...

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