Timing the property market to get the best results

By Rocket Property Group on 07\12\2018

One mistake inexperienced investors often make is to base their investment decisions on recent past performance. They want to see it before they believe it. This would be great if property growth were linear, but unfortunately it isn't. Any doubling of values tends to consist of a few short years of strong growth, with the remaining years being much more subdued. So, if you buy in areas that have...

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Are you an active investor, or merely a procrastinator?

By Rocket Property Group on 06\12\2018

In the April edition of Your Investment Property, magazine, I wrote about the Australian economy and how many key stakeholders, including our current Reserve Bank Governor, Philip Lowe, feel that the Australian economy has actually been doing OK. These experts are of the opinion that, if the economy is managed well, Australia is very well placed to enter another golden era of economic prosperity. This generally upbeat appraisal seems to be...

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7 reasons to diversify your portfolio

By Rocket Property Group on 03\12\2018

City vs regional

When capital city markets are on the up, regional areas are in the down cycle. When Sydney is up, Brisbane is down. When the mining boom ends, WA markets go down. These are all sayings from the past that show how markets around the country are constantly changing. It seems in 2018 the market commentary is now favouring Victorian regional areas, Brisbane...

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