How to get funds after your second property (Part Two)

By Rocket Property Group on 07\03\2017

Get the funds for your third investment property
In Part One of 'How to get funds after your second property', Master investor and Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards and Investment Mortgage Broker Alan Dean explained how and why banks and lenders are turning investors back and how to...
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How to get funds after your second property (Part One)

By Rocket Property Group on 10\02\2017

So you're already on the property investment path with one or two tucked into your basket? Well done! However, are you now starting to struggle to get the "nod" from lenders? Master investor and Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards and Investment Mortgage Broker Alan Dean explains the how and...
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13 ways to prevent your emotions ruining your property investments

By Pretty AU on 09\02\2016

property investment dream house

We are emotional creatures and while it is never a good idea to deny your basic instincts and emotional responses to situations, you need to also acknowledge that they may be affecting your ability to make good financial decisions.

Emotion and property investment are not mutually exclusive, a good amount of...

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Is Procrastination holding you back from buying an investment property?

By on 07\12\2015

procrastination investment propertyLife seems to be going at an ever increasing pace. Between work commitments and family commitments there is barely anything left to start looking for your first investment property, let alone build a property portfolio and score yourself an early retirement. Getting caught up in the busyness of today can hold...

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The Ups and Downs of Rental Income

By on 27\08\2015

rental property sign

Property investors pay for their properties from the rental income and so many investors focus on high rental income and yields believing this will give them a positive cash flow.


Looking for high rental yields may not always give you the outcome you want. Read on for different strategies on...

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Top Tips At Tax Time

By Matt O'Malley on 14\07\2015

calculator reading out TAXES


Property investing is just like any other business. Your property is meant to make money for you. So you must pay tax on the profit, but you are also entitled to claim the costs of your property business from your profit before being liable for tax. 

The tax benefits are not...

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The Importance of a Good Mortgage Broker

By on 14\05\2015

the importance of a good mortgage broker


As you start or continue to grow an existing property portfolio you will require the services of multiple professional service providers – solicitors, property managers, landlord’s insurers etc. The quality of your service providers will often have a...

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Demographics and property investing

By on 15\04\2015

rocket property demographics
When selecting an investment property, it is important to choose something that has appeal to tenants in the current market, and would also be attractive to other investors or owner-occupiers if the property needed to be sold in the short term. However, increasingly property investors...

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The Importance of having a goal and a plan

By Matt O'Malley on 18\03\2015

I would describe myself as a goal orientated person by nature. I love to set myself inspiring goals, and as soon as I have ticked them off I don’t lose any time in setting some new ones to replace the ones that have been achieved.

I have met with many successful investors over the years, and this...

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Asking the right questions when financing your property

By on 18\11\2014

Rocket Property Investment Advice
Over the years I have met many investors who want to get started or add more property to their portfolio, however they often do not know the right questions to ask to get the best finance outcome and achieve their property goals...

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