What is rentvesting and can it work for you?

By Rocket Property Group on 14\07\2017

Simply, 'rentvesting' is renting and investing in property at the same time. This month master investor Ian Hosking Richards looks out we can have our cake and eat it too. With spiraling house prices in the east coast capitals, it could make sense to take advantage of low rental yields and live...

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Who, What, When, Where & How of Property Investing

By on 08\09\2016

FAQ from Beginner Property Investor Property expert Lindy Lear wrote a post in July called the 'Top 10 FAQs from First Time Investors' which was a popular piece with our readers. Since then she's received even more questions and has decided to do a follow-up piece. This month she takes it even further...

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Why you need landlords insurance to secure your investment

By Pretty AU on 11\01\2016

landlords insurance

Most people insure their house, possessions and car against loss but many investors don't see the need to get landlords insurance for their investment properties. Reducing risk should be right next to generating profit in your priority list as a property investor and by not getting landlords insurance you are exposing yourself to...

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Should you buy a home or an investment property?

By Lindy Lear on 14\12\2015

should you buy a home or an investment property?The great Australian dream of owning your own home is still deeply ingrained into our national psyche. Our parents and grandparents were able to get a good job, afford a good home and then branch out into investment properties if they had extra capital...

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The Ups and Downs of Rental Income

By on 27\08\2015

rental property sign

Property investors pay for their properties from the rental income and so many investors focus on high rental income and yields believing this will give them a positive cash flow.


Looking for high rental yields may not always give you the outcome you want. Read on for different strategies on...

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