5 step plan towards your passive income

By Rocket Property Group on 12\11\2018

1. Make a plan

My original 7 year plan was on butcher's paper. My goals were my motivation, my driver, my inspiration. What did I need to do to achieve these goals? I was very bold and set milestones and decided on achieving a portfolio of 9 properties in 7 years. I achieved my property goal in 3 years!

We now have portfolio growth modelling to...

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Rocket's next recommended boom region

By Rocket Property Group on 04\04\2018

In the last 3 years we have recommended the following areas to our clients for investment.

Harpley estate in Werribee. Good size 4 Bed Homes were from $400,000 back then , and they now sell for around $550,000 - $600,000.

Peregian Springs on The Sunshine Coast - 4 Bed Homes from $440,000 - $500,000 that now sell for...

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Pallara: The surprising suburb ticking boxes

By Rocket Property Group on 04\04\2018

When it comes to affordability, infrastructure spending and population growth, certain suburbs of south-west and outer Brisbane tick all the boxes.

Media attention for Brisbane has recently been focused on the oversupply of inner-city apartments, and investors may be avoiding the Brisbane market for this reason. “Brisbane’s property...

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How to minimise your property investment risk

By Rocket Property Group on 08\11\2017

Balancing risk and reward
This month Ian Hosking Richards addresses those niggly feelings that many beginner investors have - how do I balance that fine line between risk and reward? Like any form of investing, it entails some form of risk. How you manage this for the best outcome comes down to a few...
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Why expert property investors aren’t concerned about changes to negative gearing

By Rocket Property Group on 10\08\2017

Changes to Negative Gearing

It has been years and terms of politicians attempting to bring about changes to negative gearing, but only as of this year, they seem to have taken action. Back in May, we looked at what the new proposed law changes meant for investors and in this month’s...

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What is rentvesting and can it work for you?

By Rocket Property Group on 14\07\2017

Simply, 'rentvesting' is renting and investing in property at the same time. This month master investor Ian Hosking Richards looks out we can have our cake and eat it too. With spiraling house prices in the east coast capitals, it could make sense to take advantage of low rental yields and live...

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3 Myths of Property Investing you need to let go of

By Rocket Property Group on 09\06\2017

In last month’s column, Ian Hosking Richards wrote about the rise of technology and how it is changing the way that investors access information, and how these changes do not necessarily lead to better decision-making. This month he continues this theme by exploring some of the common assumptions that...

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What makes Ian a successful investor

By Rocket Property Group on 06\04\2017

Ian Hosking Richards

Just under 15 years ago Ian Hosking Richards was working as an unskilled labourer in a warehouse in Artarmon, Sydney, on an annual salary of $35,000. Now he sits on a $20m property portfolio with 50 properties. He doesn't believe he's done anything unique or anything cannot be replicated -...

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What's your seatbelt for the property roller coaster?

By Lindy Lear on 09\03\2017

Investing can seem like a roller coaster ride as property markets can go up and down, and around the country. This month, we look at strategies to ride out the highs and the lows that may make the ride a little more comfortable for you. Find your seat belt and get ready to buckle...

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How to get funds after your second property (Part Two)

By Rocket Property Group on 07\03\2017

Get the funds for your third investment property
In Part One of 'How to get funds after your second property', Master investor and Rocket Property Group CEO Ian Hosking Richards and Investment Mortgage Broker Alan Dean explained how and why banks and lenders are turning investors back and how to...
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