Why expert property investors aren’t concerned about changes to negative gearing

By Rocket Property Group on 10\08\2017

Changes to Negative Gearing

It has been years and terms of politicians attempting to bring about changes to negative gearing, but only as of this year, they seem to have taken action. Back in May, we looked at what the new proposed law changes meant for investors and in this month’s...

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Are you getting the tax benefit?

By Lindy Lear on 13\06\2016

Tax Benefits for Investors 

June is traditionally financial reconciliation time where investors need to get their property affairs in order, sort out the paperwork, talk to their accountant and submit their tax return.  Property investors are in business and can write off their costs against the income before paying tax.  For me it’s all about getting as much tax...

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Top Tips At Tax Time

By Matt O'Malley on 14\07\2015

calculator reading out TAXES


Property investing is just like any other business. Your property is meant to make money for you. So you must pay tax on the profit, but you are also entitled to claim the costs of your property business from your profit before being liable for tax. 

The tax benefits are not...

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