The Property Investors vs. Banks and Valuers

By Rocket Property Group on 10\10\2017

Investors versus Banks

This month, Ian Hosking Richards, looks at the balancing act requiring leverage, getting the loan and dealing with valuers. What’s changed in the market place for property investors and what can you do about it?

To create substantial wealth through property in a relatively short amount of time, you need leverage. ...

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Myth Busters: Land appreciations and property depreciates

By Rocket Property Group on 13\10\2015

Land appreciates and houses depreciate’ is a ‘golden rule’ statement often quoted by investors and experts in the property market. If I had a dollar for every time I have read or heard that statement I would be very happy with the increase in my cash flow!

So if you are an investor who believes...

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The Importance of a Good Mortgage Broker

By on 14\05\2015

the importance of a good mortgage broker


As you start or continue to grow an existing property portfolio you will require the services of multiple professional service providers – solicitors, property managers, landlord’s insurers etc. The quality of your service providers will often have a...

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